JM36 LUA Plugin for Script Hook V

JM36 LUA plugin for Script Hook V is an upgraded or updated version of the old LUA plugin and it is highly powerful and recommendable as compared to the existing LUA plugin. One of the interesting features of the JM36 LUA plugin is that all the scripts that were run perfectly in the old LUA plugin for the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) V game will also run smoothly and faster in this new version of the JM36 LUA plugin. It is also important to note that the old LUA plugin doesn’t have anything to be added in the latest JM36 LUA plugin for Script Hook V.

The process of using or running the older scripts that were run in the previous version of LUA plugin within the latest or new version of JM36 LUA plugin is very simple and easy. You just need to place or put those older scripts to the new ‘ScriptsDir-LUA’ folder from the JM36 LUA plugin. The ‘ScriptsDir-LUA’ folder is quite similar to the add-ons folder from the older version of LUA plugin.

It is comparatively fast and easy to add or write various scripts in GTA (Grand Theft Auto) V game without any hassle in the latest JM36 LUA plugin in comparison to the existing LUA plugin. Also, there is virtually no performance loss or no impact has been lost in the latest addition of JM36 LUA plugin as compared to traditional LUA plugin.

The JM36 LUA plugin for Script Hook V has an amazing ability to interface countless in-game effects to several external game effects hassle-free like ‘Trigger an Action ON/IN’ which is an external distinct program. The users can also create their Discord rich presence with an external utility with this new JM36 LUA plugin. They even make a remote game interaction API through this new version.

Why LUA?

LUA is a lightweight scripting language that is very much easy for beginners as they can use and run this scripting language in GTA V games to change or modify things with ease. An expert or advanced user can use this scripting language in a much better way than a beginner as an advanced user can use this scripting language to the maximum extent.

However, LUA is not a popular scripting language as compared to other scripting languages like C++, C# and .NET but the expandability of this language makes it equally capable as other languages.


Some of the exciting and ultimate features of JM36 LUA plugin are as follows:

  • The new FiveM style LUA game native function calls has been introduced in the latest update (JM36 LUA plugin) via namespaces.
  • The new version comes with an external LUA script directory which can be placed anywhere.
  • It provides a reloading script to the developers with a Debug Mode variable set.
  • The latest JM36 LUA plugin is fully compatible with older LUA plugin scripts.
  • It comes with a universal timer and variables that contain information of relevant players to avoid using common game native calls through a number of scripts.
  • It is featured with a universal built-in native configuration file reader or writer function calls to store data.
  • The JM36 LUA plugin has included a set of documentation and examples via GitHub Wiki.
  • It is packed with an automatic caching of game native function calls to improve the speed and efficiency.
  • The latest version helps in improving the quality and enhances the older LUA plugin scripts.
  • There is no technical conflict or glitch has occurred till date and it will not block or delay other scripts from running in the game.


  • The reloading cannot be possible in the LUA plugin but LUA scripts can be reloaded any time in the GTA V game.

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